Tornado Love Business In UAE

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The UAE economy is thriving and opportunities to do business in the country are many and they increase every year. The UAE’s currency, the dirham, which is pegged to the American dollar ($), is secure and also easily convertible; there are no restrictions or markups on profit transfer or general capital repatriation; import are duties are extremely low (less than 4 per cent for virtually all goods and zero for items imported for use in free zones); labor costs are competitive; there are no federal corporate tax and personal taxes and numerous double taxation agreements and bilateral investment treaties are in place. In addition, the financial risk is minimal. These factors, combined with a strategic, accessible location for major regional markets, an excellent reliable infrastructure and an extremely pleasant, stable and safe working environment are key elements for why we love doing our Business in UAE.


Emirati culture promotes humility, hospitality, and strong family values
This is one of the first things we noticed when we arrived here years ago. UAE is a country that is built on the best elements that represents humanity and friendliness and this tradition goes a long way. In UAE Families and children are celebrated with as much attention as adults and has many laws that protect their bonds. In UAE many events are hosted at restaurants and malls cater for the entire family, which is a critical part in building strong family bonds. This is definitely a big plus for those who have children, and for those of us who do not, we are not short of little ones to smile and play with when we go out!

Laws that are equal for everyone
One of the key point for any successful company, home or in this case a country is following the Law & Equality and UAE Excels in both Law are strict and are same for everyone no matter if he is a national or an expat.

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