Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing
Why Social Marketing Is Important?

Just Think - there are more than 600 million users that use social media worldwide. Expanding your focus out of UAE, or your own country, is a best way to reach that global audience. Your business can use social media as a way to communicate with 1000s if not millions of clients on a regular basis. Our professionals can help build your brand by marketing your Company, Products, Services & Blogs through Many social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn, etc.

Any online business deserves to be noticed online and social media network marketing is a best way to since you can instantly deliver information to a global social audience.

Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as viral news, stories, gossips and “discovery of latest trends”. some social media networks can also help build Backlinks which in some cases improves overall SEO efforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find their desired contents using social hash tags. A Good and Strong Social connection can also impact the relevancy of some search results.

Tornado UAE (SMM) Team offers many Social Media Marketing campaigns to help boost your social presence online on multi Social Media Networks.

When your client searches for your business online, there is are chances that they might come across your Facebook page. It serves as a strong secondary outpost for your online web business – in fact, it’s more like having another website! But with much more authority Facebook offers many ways for your potential customers to learn about your business and company, to shop for the desired products and services that you might be offering, and to communicate with you directly.

If you sell you services to consumers, using Facebook for business marketing is a must to consider option.

Over the past years, Facebook has grown into a most powerful, effective marketing tool for many businesses and enterprises no matter what the size.

With Tornado UAE Facebook Marketing You Can:

  • Get new clients.
  • Showcase your amazing work.
  • Create a community around your business.
  • Attract new employees.
  • Sell products and services through your page.
  • Interact with new clients
  • Build your email contacts list.

Twittersphere is foreign to many business owners these days, and learning how to leverage it to benefit your business can seem like a challenge. However, a presence on Twitter is one of the most exciting ways businesses can interact with their online audience quickly and effectively.

On Twitter, you get to participate in a conversation:
• With your clients and prospects.
• With industry leaders and influencers.
• With peers or competitors.
• With professional organizations and associations within your niche.
• That’s just scratching the surface. Your Twitter audience may be extremely varied.

Why Does Twitter Matters for Your Business?
There’s no better way to demonstrate the incredible potential Twitter may pose for your business, especially lead generation efforts, than to go over a few key facts:

  • More than half of active Twitter users follow brands, products, or companies.
  • Twitter users are three times likelier to follow brands than Facebook users.
  • 63 percent of Twitter users follow small- and medium-sized businesses to show their support for the business.
  • The majority of Twitter users – two-thirds! – are more likely to buy from brands they follow.
  • 85 percent of followers say they feel “more connected” with the small businesses they follow.
  • More than a third of Twitter users interacted with a small – or medium-sized business after seeing their Twitter info in an ad.
  • 41 percent of Twitter users that follow a small – or medium-sized business provide opinions about products and services.

As a business professional, you have an incredible opportunity to build your personal brand and showcase what makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re doing any type of online marketing, LinkedIn should figure into your strategy – because a LinkedIn account will help you to…

  • create a personal brand.
  • meet new people.
  • build solid, professional relationships.
  • get testimonials from people who love your work.
  • enhance your credibility in your industry.
  • be the authority in your field.

A business page on Google+ can serve your company in a number of unique ways. While services like Facebook and Twitter may seem to dominate social media, a Google+ page connects you with the many properties and services offered by the world’s leading search engine.

That’s right: what makes a Google+ presence so important is that it connects your business with the power of Google’s search engine, combining your social media strategy with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

There are 500 million monthly active users on Google+, and the number continues to grow. Although the platform doesn’t get the attention that Facebook and Twitter do, a Google+ presence can play a critical role in your overall social marketing strategy. It combines elements of many other popular social platforms, with enhanced features that allow your business to more effectively find, reach out to, and interact with your clients and prospects.

  • Google Hangouts
    Live video conferencing, chats, and more—for free. Hangouts allow you to reach current and potential clients on a personal level, plus you can participate in Hangouts held by other business and thought leaders in your industry.
  • Google+ Circles
    Categorize your Google+ audience by type – prospects, clients, industry influencers, or however else you want to organize. You can even set up your Circles to help gain leads. Interacting with people in your circles is a great way to boost your influence, authority, and brand loyalty.
  • Search Visibility
    Every time you post, you’ll get a unique URL for that particular content. That means, if a photo, status, piece of content, or link back to your website generates engagement, that post itself can rank in the search engine results.
  • Platform Integration
    Because Google owns YouTube and Gmail, your Google+ page will integrate with these services as well.
  • Google+ Reviews
    You can solicit reviews on Google+ that will show up on a search for your company. The more (and better) client reviews you have, the greater your business’s competitive advantage over others in your industry.
  • The Power of the Plus
    You can “like” the content of people in your Circles by giving them a +1 on their content. As you offer +1s to influencers and clients in your Circles, they’ll do the same for you – and accumulating +1s can lead to better rankings.
  • Local Carousel Visibility
    When someone types in a product or service in their area, results often appear in the “Local Carousel” at the top of the Google page. When you sign up for Google+, you’ll have the opportunity to show up in this area when people search for [Your Type of Business] in [Your Area].
  • Additional Benefits
    No ads to deal with. No character limit to what you post. No irritating game invitations. Google+ is all business, and it can be all your business.
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