Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
(SEO) Services Plus More!
  • Optimize the Content on Your Site for All Major Search Engines.
  • Optimize Your Website for all Google Search Bots.
  • Optimize Your Meta Tags.
  • Optimize Your Current XML Sitemap.
  • Optimize Your Canonicalization.
  • Optimize Your Site’s Architecture.
  • Optimize the Use of Robots.txt on Your Site.
  • Optimize the use of Google Analytics on Your Site.
  • Optimize Your Social Visibility.
  • Optimize Your Websites Y-Slow & On-Page Speed Score .
  • Optimize Your Website Images for Fastest Possible Load Time.
  • Optimize and Verify Your Online Business Profile On Google Business.
  • Optimize Your HTML Code to Eliminate HTML ERRORS as Pre W3C Standards .

Proven and Effective SEO methods that assure long term visibility on all major search engines that is what Tornado UAE offers and delivers. While other SEO agencies run campaigns “Get ahead of your Competitors” or “Rank 1st on Google” we simply ask our clients to be better and productive in both Quality &Content they offer since just like any major search engine we too prefer quality content.


How Does Quality Impacts Ranking? Well answer to this question is quite simple, these days with each algorithm update search engines are becoming smarter and much more effective in selecting a quality and complete information over a low quality and an incomplete information. That is why quality matters the most in Search Engine Optimization Process.

Advance On-Page SEO Process

Here at Tornado we have team of professionals who have developed a unique search engine optimization process that pass all the Google, Bing, Yahoo SEO Standards from the quality of the content to the on and off page optimizations.


First comes the audit of the project at this stage client provides us his website and a list of keywords he wants to rank his website with. We then later hand that website & keywords list to our SEO Experts who then runs a series of tests and spend hours and hours on tracking and researching about competitors and keywords ranking difficulties and finally prepare a fully personalized SEO optimization proposal for the client and wait for his approval.


After Approval from client comes the Google Page Speed Process also known as Web Speed Optimization Process the very first stage of our SEO process at this stage our Google Certified Web Optimizers relooks at the coding of the whole website and optimize the entire coding for better landing time. If case the project is CMS based, we also run a series of tests to check its Vulnerability against all the know latest web hack methods ensuring both safety and performance of the website. We even have experienced graphics designers capable optimizing all the visual data on the website without sacrificing any visual quality of the site and skilled programmers capable of performing servers end optimization such as writing custom cache period or advanced URL rewritings to and static or CMS based website. Our whole web optimization process ensures better and safer web experience for our client’s users and faster landing times for each page ensuring better interactivity and lower bounce rate.


After the whole web optimization process our SEO experts research the keywords for intensive breakdown between both approved and high volume and traffic oriented keywords and recreates the list of keywords that are both optimized for high traffic and relevant to client’s website. This list is later used by our skilled content writers to produce unique hand written content that is completely keywords optimized and relevant to the site and offers hundred times better information in comparison to the competition out there make it best choice for any major search engine to prefer and exciting for their users to read and understand or share on any social network.


After unique and keyword optimized content comes the old trusty META Tags optimization process as you know meta tags are an important part of a SEO process and HTML coding and over the past years there have been countless ways to optimize META Tags on a website but Tornado UAE’s SEO experts have their own unique method by using googles approved and relevant META Tags optimization policy our experts know exactly what kind of META does that particular page requires! making it relevant and unique toits page’s content or how do we want it to be crawled by the search engines crawlers. Our optimization process also includes Keywords optimized title tags and meta description implementation.


Open Graph also known as OG tags as you know social media these days is biggest traffic provider and that is why we recommend that it is essential for your website to be optimized for social media as well. Our open graph optimization is a perfect solution for any marketers with an online business who wants increase their conversion rate hugely.


With all the stages mentioned above done the entire website is reviewed this time by the most senior members of our team for its uniqueness and performance from its HTML coding to its visual appearance making it absolutely clear that the project is 100% before its published.

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